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Confirmation Details

Confirmation Details

We would like our customers to confirm the following.

Confirmation Details

  1. In the event that Skymark Airlines fails to perform any or whole of contract of carriage including flight cancellations, diversions or delays which unable you to miss your connecting flights, Skymark Airlines will provide customers one of the following.

    1. If caused by events within our control
      • You will be rerouted on the next Skymark flight with available seats, or in some circumstances on another airline or some other alternative means of transportation, subject to availability
      • Refund of ticket
      • Extension of your ticket date validity
    2. If caused by events out of our control (force majeure events such as bad weather)
      • Rerouting to other Skymark flights
      • Refund
  2. Checked baggage

    1. Each passenger is allowed check in up to 20kg and less than 50cm x 60cm x 120cm of baggages for free of charge.
    2. If total weight of baggage exceeding 20kg, excess baggage charges are applied. (except the wheelchairs and strollers, etc)

    For further details, please check "Baggage fee"

  3. Refund fee : JPY 500 regardless of the cancellation date.

  4. We will consider the following cases as fraudulent boarding for Domestic Flights Conditions of Carriage for Passengers, other fixed fare should be acquired.
    The case that the person written in the ticket is different from the person will board, that a child will board as an infant, that an adult will board as a child.
    Also, we may ask for showing ID(Health insurance, a maternity health record book, Student Identification Card, Driver's License etc) to check the passenger's name and accompanied infant's or child's age when you check-in.
    Thank you for your corporation.

  5. When you do not follow our instructions regarding check in luggage, security inspection and boarding procedure, we may refuse to allow you to board the flight. Thank you for your understanding.

  6. Dangerous goods are prohibited in carry-on or checked baggage by law. Please refer to Limited baggage page for items that cannot be carried aboard or checked in.

  7. By using services and products provided by Skymark Airlines Inc., it is deemed that the customer understands and agrees to the contents of the Privacy Policyrelated to the handling of customer personal information.